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Time for NZ businesses to champion content

Kiwi firms should be looking to make content king to boost their bottom line as business confidence continues to grow, says Room Six Media’s CEO, Adrian Gallagher.

The recent ANZ Business Confidence Index in New Zealand lifted to -38.3 in September 2018 from a decade low of -50.3 a month earlier, and businesses should be taking every opportunity to increase lead generation and brand awareness as confidence begins to grow, Gallagher says.

“What we are saying to our clients is they need to be looking at CLV – customer lifetime value. If a company can engage with their clients to build a long-term relationship, that holds considerably more value than looking for short-term gains.”

Gallagher says his content marketing company uses a simple, six-step strategy for companies across many key business verticals.

“First we look at what expertise a company has. Insurance, finance management, HR, construction or whatever and then how we can create content that has a point of difference to make it stand out from the crowd.

“There is a lot of content out of there: newsletters, websites, blogs, print, so making your content highly visible is essential.”

The third thing Gallagher says companies should be doing is building databases.

“Email is such an important piece of information you can collect. It allows you to directly market to potential clients but you need to ensure that your email content is worth opening.”

There are various ways to collect emails addresses, Gallagher says. Website pop-ups, physically in stores, at functions, conferences, referrals, but he says privacy terms and conditions should be kept up-to-date.


The fourth part of the strategy is engaging the audience.

“This is all about showing your audience why your content is worthwhile and valuable to them. They already know that you are experts in your field, but now they are receiving content which is actually worth something to them.

“Our aim is to offer content that is valuable, relevant and consistent.

“Once we are at this point we can start to diversify, which is the fifth step.”

Gallagher says to grow, companies need to diversify and offer their audience more ways to engage with the brand.

“This could be creating a quarterly or monthly publication to run alongside your weekly newsletters, or regular videos that go behind the scenes of your business, podcasts, webinars, master classes – there are many ways that companies can boost how they are getting their message across.”

The final step is to create sales from this content and monetise the strategy.

“That’s always the last question,” Gallagher says. “So how do we turn this into profit?

“Up until this point, we have been offering content for free. Educational, entertainment, industry news or whatever it is. The audience has engaged and understands the brand and goals.

“Now is the time to turn that into added revenue. That could be advertising, product sales, loyalty offers, events, subscriptions or whatever you are looking to increase profits in your business.”

But Gallagher says don’t make the mistake or trying to push sales too early.

“Throwing offers or specials at your audience too soon in the process can put people off. You need to ensure that your audience has travelled the journey to the point where they are willing and in the market to make that purchase or subscribe or buy your services.”

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