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Six video ideas to engage your audience

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Video content is a valuable resource but it takes time and money to produce. Here are few ideas to focus on if you are producing videos for your blog or social media pages.

1: Interview Series

A regular interview series is a great way to keep viewers coming back for more.

Interview industry experts and leaders in whatever field you are in to give your audience content of value.

2: Video Training & Tutorials

Free training is always a good to get your audience to sign up for more. Tutorials are among the most viewed videos on Youtube for a reason. Make them short and visually appealing and you will have repeat viewers time and again.

3: Share Live Events

If you have an event, conference or anything else you can live stream, then send it out there. Facebook are actively promoting live streams so now’s a great time to tap into that and build your audience.

4: Go Behind The Scenes

Maybe you have a business that finds it hard to gain followers, showing what goes on behind the scenes is a great way to engage an audience. Clients may deal with you on a weekly basis but never understand exactly what your business is about and how it operates.

5: Reuse & Recycle

Repurposing content is the most effective way to make your money and time go further. If you have shot a longer video, for example any of the above, break them down into shorter segments and send them out at regular intervals. Aim to keep your videos between two and three minutes long.

6: Q&A

If you have a solid database, Q&As are great to engage you audience. Promote the video well in advance and ask for participation from your audience. Ask for questions and engagement from them and involve them in the Q&A.

Here are six sites that are great for creating your own videos.



Adobe Spark




There you go, six simple video ideas to get you rolling, if you get it.


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