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Headline Writing, Three Secret Tips For Your Blog

Headline writing, it’s something a lot of people struggle with, but you can get better over time.

It’s the first thing an audience will read to decide if they are interested in reading an article, blog or post. So you need to be sure you are giving yourself the best possible chance so they will actually click on it.

If you Google headline-writing the results are page after page of tips for writing headlines. Five tips, 10 tips, 50 tips. The list could go on and on. But here are three simple things to remember when it comes to headline writing.

1: Include some value to the reader

If I click on your blog, will I come away with something valuable that I didn’t know before? Your headline should answer that question. Yes, you will.

For example my headline is offering you three secret tips. Do you already know these tips? Possibly. But you need to click on the blog post to find out what they are.

2: Target a specific audience

If you narrow down who you are writing for, you have more chance of them clicking on the headline. I am obviously targeting blog writers with my headline. Not feature writers or authors. Just bloggers.

If I wanted to give the headline wider appeal I could replace blog with article or digital content, this would then appeal to a wide spectrum of writers from journalists to even podcast creators or vloggers. But remember, the more specific you make your content and headlines, the more Google is interested in it.

3: Make your subject clear

This is fairly obvious, but it amazes me how many times you read a headline, click on it only to be left confused as what the headline had to do with the actual article of blog – in other words, clickbait.

While some rave about how good clickbait headlines are, what is the longterm effect on your audience? They will become disengaged with your content and start to ignore it. While you may get great numbers for that story or blog, you may lose a lot of readers in the process. Don’t try to trick your audience to click.

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