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Five tips for blog inspiration

Writing original content can be hard when you are doing it day after day, week after week.

Coming up with new ways to get your message across, while offering something new to your readers is a challenge. But you can help yourself with these five simple tips to get your creative juices flowing.

1: Create personas

Sample your audience to find out what their goals are, what challenges they face and how you can help solve those challenges. Create individual personas with different goals and challenges.

Obviously this will require a certain amount of ground work. Interviews, surveys, checking your database, analysing demographics etc, but as you built this information up, you will gain a better understanding of your audience.

Once you have your personas built, then you can start to create a list of content topics that will help solve their challenges and problems.

2: Survey your readership

Simple but effective. Different from the above survey where you want to know more about the reader, simple ask your readers what they would like to see more of on your blog. Time and again we have seen great ideas come up in survey feedback, not only for blog and story ideas, but also for entire new sections on some websites.

3: Keyword research

We’ve covered Google Trends and Twitter hashtags before, but it is a great way of getting a snapshot of what is popular at any given time.

Put your own angle on a current trending story and tap into the hot topic.

4: Keep a notepad

Just like authors do, keep a notebook with you at all times to jot down ideas. How many times in the past have you been out and someone has suggested a story or angle, or just a passing comment, and you’ve made a mental note to follow it up, only to completely forget about it.

Note down ideas, suggestions, remarks, even if they can’t be used right now, they may come in useful in the future.

5: Review, reuse, recycle

Repurposing content is a fantastic way to generate content, especially if you are having inspiration drought.

Go back and look at your old articles, check the analytics to see which performed the best. Is there a new angle you can take to put a new spin on you blog? If you make infographics, are they any you can break down to create a new blog?

Finally, you can do “best of” blogs on your own blogs. Articles summarising what were your biggest stories, or most read blogs, over the past six months or year are surprisingly well read.

Sometimes the best way to get inspired is simple get away from your computer. Take some time out to forget about your blog and spend some time with your family, or doing what you enjoy away from work. Go fishing, play golf, go to the cinema, theatre, do something you’ve never done before.

We all have days where inspiration is a struggle, keep these tips in mind, they may help.

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