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It’s no secret that the current property market in New Zealand is a mixed bag for real estate professionals.

While some of regions are still seeing growth, it’s fair to say that Auckland is in a sideways movement or even slightly falling right now.

So what does that mean for real estate agents based in Auckland?

Well, according to recent figures from Seek, the real estate sector of the jobs market shrank by 27% in the second quarter of 2018 and there was a 30% increase in the availability of candidates for advertised jobs.

So what can you do to boost business if you are in the real estate agency business?

It’s all about your personal brand.

Houses sell no matter what part of the cycle we are in, you just need to be the agent selling to stay in business.

If you put content marketing to good use in your real estate business, you will have vendors knocking at your door when it comes time to sell or buy.

So what should you be doing?

Here are four simple ways you can boost your brand and ultimately gain more clients to see you through the quieter times.

1: Branded Content

A former agent recently told me that while he was an active agent, a woman he had never met approached him in Les Mills and said “I’m sure I know you from somewhere, have we met?”.

The answer was no, they had never met. But this agent had a very active social media presence, putting his face and his personal brand out there at every given opportunity.

He also actively targeted places that he visited, such as the gym, in his paid digital advertising.

2: Educate your clients

Education is a valuable resource, and if you give it away for free, people will keep coming back for more. So if you are a real estate agent, look at what education you can give away for free.

That may be advice on seeking out the next commercial property investment, tips on how to ensure a property is fully compliant before selling or simply how to ensure the property your client is about to buy is not tagged for a future highway onramp or major development.

3: Become a niche agent

Property investors are alive and well no matter what point of the cycle we are in. If you focus solely on investors who buy, renovate and sell, you will soon gain a valuable, loyal client list who are ready to take a property off your hands when the right deal comes up.

There are plenty of investor groups in Auckland who are still very much active in the renovation seen – so tap into them. Create an e-newsletter to regularly update new property listings and sales and this will become a valuable resource to property investors across the region.

4: Email marketing

The most valuable piece of information no matter what industry you are in is email. Email allows you to connect with hundreds or thousands of potential customers on a regular basis.

Keeping them informed on how the market is performing, what is hot and what’s not, might be what gets you that next property to sell.

Also people in general like to forward content to people they think will be interested in it. So while your email list may only be 1,000 people, the potential reach could be much greater.

So there you go. Four simple strategies to get you through the slower times of the cycle.

Whichever strategy you decide to go with, ensure you commit and stick with it. It will pay off in the long run.

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