Content Marketing

Content Marketing for Golf Clubs

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There’s a common problem among many golf clubs today which content marketing can have a significant impact on. Younger golfers.

To reach young golfers, clubs should have a mobile, social and experience-oriented marketing strategy in place.

While many have already integrated mobile and social aspects into their outreach initiatives, it’s the experience that’s often the decisive factor in a person’s decision to join a club.

In saying that, we have to factor in that millennials are not like everyone else; marketers will need to sell the golf experience – not just the game – in creative, consequential ways.

The goal is to create a memorable experience that younger people want to tell their friends about (in person or on social media).

So keeping your content fresh and engaging is important, but not easy.

Luckily, video and image content are quickly gaining traction in the golf industry and further afield, and with good reason.

Golfers prefer courses with scenic views and beautiful layouts. That’s why it pays to have professional photos taken of yours.

Flyover drones are an incredibly popular trend, surveying entire properties and giving golfers a lay of the land from a bird’s-eye view. Use photos and videos captured by drones to create promotional materials for your course.

Personalised Marketing

It takes more than catchy email subject lines to win members over. Individualised messages are much more impactful. One-to-one marketing is a powerful way to create meaningful relationships with prospects and clients.

Personalised campaigns shed more light on members and who they really are. Study their behaviour, then tailor your messaging so that it resonates with them.

Mobile-first Content Strategies

“Mobile-first” are online experiences designed specifically for mobile (instead of desktop and other devices). A mobile-first website, for example, is a version of a website that’s been built for mobile devices only. The great thing about these websites is that they offer completely custom experiences for visitors. We have a number of suggestions for how golf clubs can engage visitors and members alike to actively promote the course and their experiences.

The mobile industry is booming. And when you consider just how ingrained mobile devices are in our daily lives, it’s no wonder why usage stats continue to rise year after year. Optimise your content for mobile platforms and provide an amazing club experience for members on their phones.

Generating Leads

Content has become the lead generation epicenter of the Internet. The best kind informs, educates and generates qualified leads so marketers can engage target audiences across the buyer landscape. It sounds easy on paper, but producing content that helps leads overcome their unique challenges is an ambiguous goal. If you achieve it, you’ll have leads flocking to you in no time.
You can’t buy your audience’s attention. You have to earn it.

Accordingly, lead generation strategies should be overhauled to meet the needs of target markets. First, you’ll need to create compelling content. Then you’ll need to use it to convert website visitors into leads.

Engaging Your Current Members

CRM & email marketing: manage contacts, create engaging emails, launch custom email campaigns, and forge meaningful relationships with members.
Room Six Media can help develop the content that engages your members and potential clients with regular e-newsletters, blog content, and social content.

Collecting Data That Counts

Unlike traditional methods of purchasing ads or mailing lists for lead generation, inbound marketing focuses on creating useful content to help prospective customers in their journeys. 

Lead generation is vital for attracting new members to your golf club. It’s a transformational way to conduct business and invaluable for acquiring new customers, growing your CRM database, or building your email list. The premise is straightforward: you provide useful content in exchange for your prospects’ contact information.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your gold club boost numbers and grow, contact us today and we can have a chat.