Room Six Media

Custom Delivery

Custom Email Newsletter

Optimise the potential for engagement   

Newsletters are the perfect format for delivering quality, informative articles but they also give you the opportunity to include specific calls to action, product or event promotion and offers.

We can track every click, every open, every action on a newsletter page, so they provide a valuable insight into what is appealing to your readers and what we can work on delivering more of.

Social Media & Sponsored Content

Reach further than ever before   

There’s no doubt social media is a valuable resource for distributing content, but unless you have a significant number of followers, it can be difficult for your content to spread. With careful placement it can be possible to increase your followers quickly, however we do need to remember that unless you pay to advertise, social media is always in the control of someone else due to algorithm and so on.

Sponsoring content is a great way to leverage off a company that already has a big following or audience while still allowing you to promote your own business and message.

Paid Advertising

Banners, towers,  PPC, just avoid the blockers

Paid advertising to boost content is an effective way to get results. However, as pop-up blockers and ad blockers increase in popularity, it is important to avoid getting caught up in this trap. One way to achieve this is through native advertising. We can help you blend into the natural look and feel of a webpage without disrupting the user’s browsing experience.