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Building a database: Six sure-fire tips

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A database is not just a bunch of email addresses you gather to flick out newsletters and offers to.

It is the most important collection of information you have in order to achieve repeat sales and grow your business.

A “clean” database saves man hours. Having a list you know is engaged with your business allows you to focus on servicing those who matter rather than wasting time on those who don’t.

It will result in better leads and better conversion rates. It will also increase your brand’s reputation because you are only working with people who are interested in, and of value to, your business.

But before you can achieve a “clean” database, you have to build one. Once you have accumulated a database, you can then filter and manage it to ensure it is “clean”.

So how do you create your database?

Here are six tips to building your database fast.

Social media promotion requiring an email sign-up

This is pretty straightforward. Depending on what you are offering/selling, giving your audience the chance to get a discount or early access by simply entering their email address is a great way to build your database. Maybe boost your Facebook post or run an ad to gain the most traction.

Add call to action buttons

This may be at the top of your Facebook page, or at the bottom of your blog posts, but a simple sign-up button is a great way to add more names to your list. Make them appealing to the eye, word them cleverly and you should see some good results. There are lots of plug-ins such as Sumo to help with this.

Ask for feedback

People like giving feedback, so collect that ever-important email address while they do it. If you offer a service or product, ask for feedback at the end of each transaction with an email requirement. You can soon add a lot of names to your list using this method.

Guest blog 

If you have become the expert in your field, people will quite happily publish your content on their websites or blogs. If you do provide an article for another website, make sure you include a sign-off promoting your own blog or website with a call to sign up.

Physical collection of addresses 

There are many ways you can collect email addresses physically. Maybe you have a shop, a stall, or maybe you’re a guest or attendee at a conference. Wherever you have the opportunity to ask someone to sign up to your website, newsletter or content giveaways, don’t miss out on gathering that valuable piece of information.

Host a webinar 

Finally, host your own wedbinar. Many people don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, but with a webinar you can do it all in front of a microphone. Webinars are a great way of engaging your audience, getting real-time feedback and displaying your expertise in your sector. They are also a great way of gathering email addresses as a requirement when signing up for the webinar.

So there are six quick and simply ways you can boost your database numbers. But remember, a clean list is more important than having hundreds or thousands of emails listed in your database.

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