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Blog like you talk, or don’t, or actually, maybe do

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It’s a subject that comes up time and again in the content marketing circle.

Should we keep our posts, especially our business posts, as formal as possible or allow our personalities to shine.

“We want to be seen as a no-nonsense business and putting anything but hard fact and business talk in our posts will detract from that and make us appear less business-like.”

Well, yes. To a certain extent. But at the end of the day, clients are drawn to your company for a reason. Maybe they have met with you, maybe they saw your branding or a customer review. But what matters, and in my opinion what is most important, is the people that are driving the company from the top.

A business is built from the top down. But also from the bottom up.


If a company CEO breeds a toxic culture, that will filter down to the last employee in the company. And that last employee may very well be the one who hits send on that Facebook post or Tweet which is shared a thousand times or more. If they are not engaged with the company will that show in their posts? I’d hazard a guess as yes it will.

So back to the original point. Should we blog like we talk, even for you big corporates?

The answer lies in your company culture.

If your employees work day-to-day fearing that tomorrow may be their last, then do you really want that person hitting any send key on any post or blog?

Your next post may be your most important. But if you have created a working environment where employees feel valued, part of the team and included in the decision making where possible, that may reflect on the quality of their blogs and posts.

Good people are hard to find. Good people are even harder to keep.

But if you have a good team and they believe they are working for a good company, anything they write or post will reflect the culture of the company and you will have nothing to worry about.

So should we blog as we speak?

That depends on how you have built your company.

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